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Fri 17th Jun 2016 - 11:36pm General Gaming Announcements

This is the time, ladies and gentlemen, it is about to go down! Tomorrow our Heroes of the Storm roster is playing their first game of this year's Summer Global Chamionships in the round of 8 live from Jönköping, Sweden. And oh boy, is that a group we play in: After the results of Group Stage 1, Team Naventic and eStar Gaming, who both had a bye for the first stage due to their first place in the Summer Regional Qualifiers, are joined in Group A by the current reigning world champions MVP Black and the rising Taiwanese team "Please Buff Arthas". Group B will consist of the two European teams mYinsanity and Team Dignitas, as well as X-Team and Tempest, who recently took a series off MVP Black.

(Preview of the groups)

 To get you all in the mood, we have talked to our players to find out about their motivation and feelings, going into their second Global Championships under our banner, and I can tell you: the overall mood in the team is naturally great! Everyone has been working hard to improve not only their personal gameplay, but also their performance as a team. There has been a focus on improving the team's early game, to prevent careless mistakes and execute the flawless teamfighting and decision-making that Naventic is known for. FAN also told me that after the spring chamionships and summer regionals, they all sat down together to talk about how the atmosphere and moral in the team has been affecting their gameplay a lot, and the guys have put a lot of effort in keeping the atmosphere as great as it was during the summer regional, which, as we all know, has resulted in a lot more success!

Something else a lot of our fans and followers have been noticing, is how the whole team has been practising a lot of different heroes, and playing roles that originally belonged to other members of the team lately. Especially MCINTYRE and ZUNA have been switching roles. The reasoning behind this is that the Team wants to be prepared for EVERYTHING our opponents might throw at them; to be able to react to many more different comps and niche picks, and to be less predictable or susceptible to target bans. At the same time this opens up a lot of new and exciting strategies for our own that can be used to surprise and catch our opponents off guard! Of course we can't make any of those secret strategies public yet, but when asked about if we might see some surprising picks from his side, our Support player KENMA, who is arguably one of the best Rehgar, Uther and Kharazim player worldwide, was at least able to assure me that we won't see a Malfurion pick, the only support he deems not viable in the current metagame, next to Lt. Morales, who will be mostly seen against poke comps.

As our recent addition, BIGEMPCT is especially hyped about attending his first Global Championship with the rest of the team! He let us know that his experience with the team has been a blast from the first second on, that he was able to learn a lot from the other players, who he sees as veterans, and has never been as confident in a team as now, joining a, quote: "world class team" like Naventic. He has described his time with us, and especially the big win in Austin as the definite highlight of his whole career and is looking forward to what else the future holds!

Someone who has been here before though, more often than anyone else, is FAN. Not only did he play for Naventic in the Spring Globals already, but he has also won the worlds in 2015, during his time in Cloud 9. When asked about how he has changed since then, he was absolutely positive, explaining how he has matured as a player, and how he was able to improve his consistency of play as well as his understanding of macro play in his time with the team. He admitted though, that he kind of misses the bootcamps they used to hold in Cloud 9, but that does not lessen his confidence, and I am sure everyone will agree, that he belongs to the absolute Elite in the scene.

As a little extra goodie for our fans and followers, the team also shared some advice on how upcoming amateur teams and everyone trying to take a step into the professional scene, can improve and maybe some day have his own shot on challenging Team Naventic! BIGEMPCT and FAN stated that the major part of improving is not only to play as much as possible, but also to think about the game outside of playing. You will get more effect from playing a few hours, but talking about what you did wrong or right in the games, and what your team could have done better, than to mindlessly spam games for a full day straight. KENMA added that the first step should be to practise meta heroes, to perfect your gameplay on standard comps and to save the fancy niche strategies for when you have mastered the basics! Another thing everyone agreed on, was that watching pro players and tournaments will have the biggest impacts (pun absolutely intended), and what better chance could there be than to watch Team Naventic dish it out with the seven other best teams in the world this weekend? You know it.

I would like to thank everyone for your time reading this, and for your continued support of Team Naventic! Despite all the nay-sayers, Heroes of the Storm is in a great place right now, and the recent revival of the ranked system and viewership on Twitter shooting to an all-time high is more than enough proof for that. Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 3:00AM Pacific Time at www.twitch.tv/blizzheroes and cheer for our boys when they once more show why they are considered the best of the best! Also, if you want to know more about our team and the boys, find us on twitter at @Naventic, @NVT_McIntyre @FanHOTS @NVT_Zuna @NVT_Kenma and @NVT_bigempct !

Denis "Sart" Bischler
Director of Communication
Team Naventic



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