Naventic Signs Bigempct

Thu 7th Apr 2016 - 4:20pm General Gaming Announcements Media

Naventic HotS is proud to announce the acquisition of a highly talented individual to complete the 5-man squad as they kick off the 2016 Summer season. The player chosen for the starting line-up has displayed a raw talent for the game and, even more importantly, a desire to learn and perfect his craft in a constantly changing meta. Samm “bigempct” Hua will be joining us as we compete amongst the world's best.

"I really want to thank Blaze for giving me the opportunity to play with them. My short adventure with them was great and thanks to them for being supportive of my decision to join Team Naventic. I'm excited to be apart of Naventic and I'm ready to show the world what I can do on a top team. I'm very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to play under a rather new but caring org. I'm even more excited to be on a team with experienced and skilled players. I want to prove to my haters and fans that I am one of the best, if not the best, ranged carry in NA." - Samm “bigempct” Hua


We want to thank all of our supporters for your never-ending support as we continue in the 2016 season. #OurFight



Jack Frierson

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