Naventic HotS Wins DreamHack All-Stars

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Their first round opponent would be Panda Global. A team made up of top tier players, Team Naventic started off on the back foot. Losing the first game on Sky Temple, which Fan attributed to drafting mistakes, Naventic kept their composure for the remaining games. On one of their best maps, Naventic controlled the pace for the entire game on Infernal Shrines. With Li-Ming in the hands of Fan and a talent lead at every Punisher fight, the series would go to a final game. On Cursed Hollow, fans got a blast from the past with Fan on Illidan. Making a name for himself during Heroes of the Dorm, Illidan has been one of Fan’s signature Heroes ever since. Not even the power of Kael’thas, Sylvanas, and Muradin was able to stop Fan’s Illidan. Any Hero left standing on the side of Panda Global was easily cleaned up by bigempct’s Greymane and Naventic would move onto the next round. With their victory over Panda Global, fans would get an early preview of the grand finals. 

A storied match up in North America, Naventic and Cloud9 were destined to meet. Normally in the grand finals, fans got a sneak peek at the best two teams a little early. Surprisingly, Cloud9 took the upper hand to sweep Naventic 2-0. Cloud9’s iDream stepped up his performance on picks such as Rexxar and Zeratul. Naventic showed glimmers of hope but was unable to turn the game in their favor. Down but not out Naventic would prove themselves in the lower bracket by sweeping Panda Global and Gale Force eSports. Some of the best teams in the world have great mechanical players and team work, but the truly great teams know how to adapt. When knocked down by Cloud9, Naventic got back up.

In their lower bracket matches, Naventic showed the not only their determination but their flexibility as a team. Against Panda Global we saw the first role swap by Naventic as Zeratul was put in the hands of Zuna. One of his best Heroes, Zuna didn’t let the role swap stop Naventic’s momentum. In their match against Gale Force eSports, McIntyre would play the Illidan as Fan went back onto Li-Ming. Throughout DreamHack Naventic’s McIntyre had the largest Hero pool with 8 unique picks. Naventic’s strengths lie not only their flexibility but their controlled aggression. Not afraid to push into enemy territory and steal mercenary camps, Naventic’s playstyle can catch unsuspecting teams off guard. Once Naventic acquires an experience lead they know exactly how to use it to dominate the other team through unrelenting aggression and forcing the pace of the game. While aggressive teams can often get caught out if not careful, Naventic’s controlled style keeps them ahead and smart decision making prevents them from throwing their lead through risky team fights. Naventic would give up mercenary camps or back away from fights when they knew the situation wasn’t advantageous. With that, Naventic would get a second chance to take down rivals, Cloud9.

Finally, the rematch everyone was waiting for and expected, Naventic versus Cloud9 in the grand finals. Although Cloud9 would come into the finals without dropping a single map, Naventic’s confidence wasn’t shaken. Until now, Cloud9’s victories were centered around strong comfort picks and their coordinated crowd control. On Tomb of the Spider Queen, Naventic smartly banned both Tyrande and Rexxar to pick up the first win in the grand finals. Never afraid to Dwarf Toss in Zuna helped Naventic secure an early lead through picks and beat Cloud9 on one of their best map. Down 2-1 Naventic kicked it up a notch. They went back to what worked in game 1 and banned Tyrande away from Cloud9. Transitioning Zuna to Kael’thas and Falstad in the final matches proved too much for Cloud9 to handle. With Fan back on Illidan, NVT’s aggression won them fight after fight. After a dominating 16-minute game on Cursed Hollow and a final kill count of 17 to 1 Naventic took their revenge. By beating their rivals, Naventic crowned themselves the best team in North America and took home $25,000 for the top spot. Their victory earned them a cut of the $100,00 prize pool but more importantly the top seed for the Summer Global Championship on June 19 in Sweden. Fans will have a chance to see Naventic again in the second Summer Regional on June 4th.

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