Naventic Partners with GamerSupps

Mon 30th May 2016 - 11:48pm General Gaming Announcements Media

Naventic is proud to announce a new partnership with ‘Gamer Supps’.

Gamer Supps is a new company focused on creating supplements for gamers, by gamers, advertising “increased alertness, improved reactions, laser like focus, and (best of all) no crash!”. Unlike most performance supplements, Gamer Supps also has a complete lack of carbs, sugar, or calories.
Quote from Jeremy "Lambzy"McLamb
“I’ve known Eric, the CEO, since before the launch of the company. He sent me product to try before the launch and I loved it. As soon as I tasted it I knew I had to work with these guys. All of our HotS players are talented guys, we definitely think this product will keep them focused and even at a higher level of play for a longer period of time. We’re so excited to be working with a great product and so are our players. We really think this partnership will bring us to the next level.”

This partnership is a huge step forward for Naventic as an esports organization. Jeremy "Lambzy" McLamb assures there will be newer and bigger plans coming out of the woodwork for Naventic thanks to this new partnership.

“We’re going to be working on a video series of top plays for each event with the help from this new partnership. We’ll be rolling that out after the Burbank regional for sure, and the Sweden tournament as well.”

Gamer Supps currently has the line of GG performance boosting supplements in three flavors, apple, mango and raspberry.

You can see Naventic’s Heroes of the Storm team play next at the second North American Regional June 3-5.

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