Naventic Partners with ArmaCentrum

Wed 3rd May 2017 - 7:19pm General Gaming Announcements Media

Arma Centrum founded in 2014 with one goal, to produce the best quality jerseys withing the Esports scene. Thier team consists of some of the best minds and most talented individuals from within the Esports and gaming communities which come together to create a team with an in-depth knowledge of Esports but all bringing their own unique well-honed talents to the table.

This partnership between Naventic and Arma Centrum helps bring our organization closer to our fans through high-quality apparel lines. Working with the biggest destination within the Esports Jersey Design, Production & Custom Gaming Apparel area, Arma not only helps us but ultimately further Naventic as a whole. Moving forward our players & staff will be working closely with Arma Centrum to provide our fans with the best service possible moving on into the 2017 season.

This partnership is a huge step forward for Naventic as an esports organization. Our Managing Director Luke Kirby assures there will be newer and bigger plans coming out of the woodwork for Naventic thanks to this new partnership.



Jack Frierson

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