Naventic Signs iDream

Tue 30th May 2017 - 5:14pm General Gaming Announcements Media


Naventic HotS is proud to announce the acquisition of a highly talented individual. The player chosen for the starting line-up has displayed a raw talent for the game and, even more importantly, a desire to learn and perfect his craft in a constantly changing meta. Kun “iDream” Fang will be joining us and be playing for Naventic in a melee assassin role as we compete amongst the world's best going into Phase 2 of the HGC. iDream will be replacing Kenma and with this announcement teammate Chris “Zuna” Buechter our melee assassin position player will be moving back to the range/secondary tank position and our ranged carry position player Samm “bigempct” Hua will be moving to the support role as we complete our roster of 5. We are very pleased to welcome iDream onto the Naventic roster and we hope to have a great 2017 season with him.


“We are happy to bring iDream on board and are looking forward to seeing what he can do going into phase 2 of the HGC. In iDream, we see a young and hungry player who has dedicated himself to the game, which we have been searching for. We're incredibly excited for the future of this team and we hope to do our fans proud.”

— Luke Kirby, Naventic Managing Director





Jack Frierson

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