• Vandy

    Jack Frierson

    As CEO of Team Naventic, Jack Frierson oversees the strategic direction of the premier esports franchise. He identifies growth opportunities within the rapidly growing esports industry and pushes developments and innovation for each of the teams within the franchise, as well as for Team Naventic as a whole. This includes leading and growing partnership and sponsorship opportunities for the esports team, the growth of their in-house production studio, NVTCreative and the growth of their gaming relationships, with their in-house agency, J&N Media. - - ...Read More

  • Lukey

    Luke Kirby

    Owner & MD of @Naventic - - More

  • Nasty

    Nick Sosnow

    Co-Owner & COO of @Naventic ...Read More

  • Cleared

    Peter Accumanno

    Social Media Manager @Naventic ...Read More